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All of your running data, all in one place
STRIDESENSE pairs via Bluetooth to your smartphone to give you detailed, personalised feedback as soon as you finish your run.
Using more metric data than any other fitness tracker, with STRIDESENSE’s app helps you to understand your movement and better your running.
Record your runs, measure your performance, and prevent the risk of injury, time after time.

Understanding your running has never been easier

We understand that to get the best out of your running, you need more from your fitness tracker.

That is why STRIDESENSE analyses unique professional running lab data never before seen in a wearable to give you better feedback, better injury-prevention, and better performances.

Basic Metrics



Contact Time

Kick Back

Knee Elevation


Pelvic Rotation

Shoe Comparison

Step Length

In The Box

5 Stridesense Sensors

Compression Fitting Leggings

Sensor Charging Dock

USB Charging Cable

Adapter Plug

Carry Case