Stay free from injury

We want runners to get the best out of their running, and with the power of sports engineering and technology, we’re making that possible.

As running enthusiasts, we know that runners are plagued by injury. Recovering from injury is both expensive and time consuming – so we wanted to find a way to prevent the risk of injury and help you run better, faster and longer without interruption.

We created a solution – a wearable fitness tracker that measures more metrics than ever before. This means runners can not only beat their performance time after time, but understand their movement and ensure they’re not putting themselves at risk of injury.

STRIDESENSE allows runners to track their running like no other fitness tracker, keeping you running safer for longer.

Beat your best – then beat it again

Understanding your running is key to getting the best out of your performance.

We help runners improve their speed, and endurance. With STRIDESENSE, you can measure more running metrics, improve your efficiency and squeeze every last drop out of your performance.

Using STRIDESENSE, you can beat your race time, beat your furthest distance, and compete like never before.