STRIDESENSE is a wearable fitness tracker that measures your leg movement. Using 5 sensors placed around your legs and waist, STRIDESENSE is able to provide you with personalised feedback across a range of profession running lab-grade metric data that you won’t find in any other fitness trackers on the market.
STRIDESENSE is perfect for runners of all experience, and for anyone who wants to get the best out of their performance.

STRIDESENSE measures 10 metrics, including:

● Basic metrics (distance, speed, time, etc)

● Cadence

● Ground contact time

● Bounce

● Step length

● Pelvic rotation and tilt

● Overstriding

● Symmetry

● Knee elevation and kick back

● Shoe rack

Find out more about our metrics on our Tech Specs page.

The sensors slot into the provided charging dock, which plugs into a wall socket via the charging cable and plug adapter.
Yes. The sensors are fitted with a water-resistant shell, so you can run come rain or shine.

In the box you will find:

● Five sensors

● Leggings

● Charging dock

● USB charging adapter

● Adapter plug

● Carry case